Global Resource Solutions, inc.

DoD Nunn-Perry Awards

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Founded in 2006, Global Resource Solutions (“GRS”) is at the forefront of providing mission focused services and solutions to the United States Intelligence, Defense, and Security Communities. We provide innovated solutions and critical thinking to meet complex National Security challenges.


In today’s dynamic National Security environment, GRS’s services and solutions are focused at the convergence of Intelligence, Security, and Information Technology domains.  We work closely with our customers to manage and mitigate risk by providing multi-discipline intelligence analysis, cyber, program and operational security, IT system support, and infrastructure protection.



GRS has a strong track record of success supporting the Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, and other government agencies in delivering multi-discipline Intelligence support and solutions at the national, theater, and tactical levels.


GRS is at the forefront of helping solve National Security challenges. We understand the dynamic threat environment, the ever-changing nature of vulnerabilities, and the challenge of protecting data, assets, and operations from advanced persistent threats.

Information Technology

GRS supports its customers to address complex information technology challenges. We secure, maintain and support networks, systems, databases and applications at the highest security levels.