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Session(s): 1 Session(s)
Class Time: 8:30 AM-4:30 PM

PDC Admissions Requirements:

  1. Individuals applying for this course are required to interview with an Academic Advisor;
  2. Present proof of education (high school diploma or GED certificate), and
  3. Submit current resume for evaluation of equivalent experience.

Program Description:
The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) skillset is a global standard. Many Fortune 500 companies, federal, state and local government agencies, K-12 public education and higher education institutions, and many other businesses are implementing this best practice framework.  This program is designed for professionals who have been responsible for direct report employees (e.g. executives, managers, team leaders and supervisors) and as an entrance level program that will allow career changers an opportunity to acquire ITIL certifications and apply them to future roles. These skillsets at all levels both map to specific job roles and can be generalized across industries. These skillsets are “non-perishable”, which makes it an excellent investment of taxpayer money, as there are jobs that still go unfilled due to lack of ITIL certified candidates.   Globally there are at present approximately 250,000 ITIL Intermediate and about 1,000,000 ITIL Foundation certified professionals. The State of Texas recognizes the need for the ITIL skillset. In 2012, the State Legislature passed HB1516, mandating that all state agencies apply ITIL to both IT and business organizations.

This program includes the four levels of ITIL qualification and eight certifications:

ITIL Foundation (1 Exam)
ITIL Intermediate Service Lifecycle (5 Exams)
ITIL Expert (1 Exam)

Students are provided with the opportunity to take and pass each of these six certification exams on the final day of each class. Consistent and experience-based teaching of ITIL service delivery principles is designed to both validate current professional skills and develop skills in those changing their career track toward a future job role in Information Technology (IT) or business operations. In this program students will learn:

ITIL Foundation

The entry level qualification which offers a general awareness of the key elements, concepts and terminology used in the ITIL service lifecycle, including the links between lifecycle stages, the processes used and their contribution to service management practices.

ITIL Intermediate Service Lifecycle

  • ITIL Service Strategy
  • ITIL Service Design
  • ITIL Service Transition
  • ITIL Service Operations

ITIL Continual Service Improvement

ITIL best practices are extensively covered, such as service management policies and guidelines, design principles and methods for converting strategic objectives into portfolios of services and service assets, how to transition an organization from one state to another while controlling risk and how to maintain stability in service operations, allowing for changes in design, scale scope and service levels;

Focuses on how organizations and individuals can strategically review the products and services they have produced.

ITIL Expert – Managing Across the Lifecycle

Provides essential knowledge required by IT service management professionals to plan, implement and optimize an effective IT service management program. Based on all of the ITIL disciplines, it concentrates on the management aspects of of ITIL and is designed to address the interfaces and interactions between the ITIL disciplines to provide a seamless view of IT service management.  Attendees will learn how to manage strategic change, manage risk, evaluate their current IT Service Management program, and handle organizational challenges.

Career Opportunities:
After completion of this course, students will be prepared to work in the following occupations: IT Manager, Change Manager, Information Security Analyst, IT Architect, Systems Analyst, IT Compliance Officer, IT Supervisor, IT Professional, IT Operation Practitioner, Senior Team Lead, and individuals responsible for the management and implementation of ITIL and ITIL-related processes. And career changers with supervisory experience or extensive experience with direct reports.

Program OutlineClockHours
Sub #Subject TitleLecLabExtTotal
INV001ITIL Foundation 2111032
INV004ITIL Service Strategy2111032
INV005ITIL Service Design2111032
INV006ITIL Service Transition2111032
INV007ITIL Service Operations2111032
INV008ITIL Continual Service
INV014ITI Expert – Managing
Across the LifeCycle (MALC)

Certificates Awarded:

  • ITIL Foundation Certificate
  • ITIL Service Strategy Certificate
  • ITIL Service Design Certificate
  • ITIL Service Transition Certificate
  • ITIL Service Operation Certificate
  • ITIL Continuous Service Improvement Certificate
  • ITIL Expert

Exams fees are included in Tuition.

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Project Management and Agile Scrum IT Program
ITIL Expert Certificate
ITIL Service Lifecycle Training Program


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